Desires Fulfilled by P3Y

P3Y fulfills all your pleasant desires relating to the material world for which you make genuine efforts but don’t get the desired success and spiritual desires like getting mental peace, experiencing the spiritual side of yourself etc.

Some Desires and Problems

Business – All Types

Auto rickshawFish / CookedPrinting Press
Bakery, All FoodForeign CountriesProperty
BrokersFruit / JuiceReady made Garments
BusHeart CareRestaurant – All Food
Cancer HospitalHospitalSchool
Chicken / CookedHotelTanga
CityLine HotelTaxi
Coffee / DrinkableMaternity HomeTea / Drinkable
ComputerMeat / CookedTown
Cooked Food StuffMilk / ProductTractor
CountryMithai – All typesTrain
CraneNursing HomeTuition / Teaching
Dhaba / All FoodPerishable ItemsUncooked Food Stuff
Dry FruitPickel – All TypesVegetable / Cooked
Eating PlacesPlaneVillage
Egg / CookedPork / Cooked

Calamities – Caused By

All KindsFriendsRelative
Anti – CycloneHoly PlacesReligions
BrethrenNo RainSciences
Earth quakePoliceWorld – War

Diseases – Mental

All Kinds of mental diseasesInsomnia – No SleepPhobias – All Types
DepressionNeurosis – All TypesSchizophrenia – All Types

Diseases – Body

All kinds of Body diseasesAquatic Animal etc.Crops / Tress etc.
Animal BodyBirds BodyHuman Body


All Types of Family ProblemsFood and Feast ProblemsMarried Life Problems
Child’s problemsMarriage Problems


Agriculture of all KindsDairy FarmsPoultry Farms
All kind of FarmingFisheries Farms
Animals FarmsPiggeries Farms

Going Out – Door, Tour Journey, Commuting

Business TourHoly Places TourShort Tour
Car TourLong TourTrain Tour
Daily going – To & FroPilgrimage Tour
Foreign TourPlane Tour

Horror, If you believe, that Pain is caused by

Bastu PhobiaFeng – Shui PhobiaRahu Phobia
Bhagat PhobiaGhosts PhobiaSatan Phobia
Bhoot PhobiaJadu PhobiaSaturn Phobia
Bhuva PhobiaKetu PhobiaShani Phobia
Chela PhobiaMangal PhobiaSorcerers Phobia
Chudail PhobiaMantr PhobiaSpells Phobia
Dakan PhobiaMars PhobiaTantr Phobia
Day PhobiaNajar PhobiaTantrik Phobia
Demon PhobiaNumber PhobiaTona Phobia
Devil PhobiaPret PhobiaWitches Phobia



Big – IndustriesMedium – IndustriesMini – Industries
Cottage – IndustriesMicro – Industries


All kinds of LabourIndustry – Labour
Farm – LabourRailway Station – Labour

Mental Peace in Office

Conflict EndEffective leadershipStress Cure
Conflict ManagementInterest ExcellenceStress Management
Creative Intelligence ComeInternal ExcellenceValue & Ethics
Destructive Intelligence EndPositive AttitudeValue System


Mental Peace etc.Super – natural experience
Peace – In Family etc.


All kinds of politicsTowns Politics
Cities PoliticsUnions Politics
Club politicsVillages Politics
National Politics: President, Prime minister, Minister, M.P. etc. For IndianWorld Politics
State – Provincial Politics: Chief Minister, Minister, M.P. etc. For Indian


Aerodynamic & AeronauticCrime – Politics – Saints – Sant – Guru – Religion
Aerospace EngineeringFood & Chemical
All other kinds of ResearchesGeological & Oceanological & Oceanography
Automatic – Fission – Fusion – ImplosionHeliological
Crime – Politics – P3Y & P3Y DevoteesMedical – Surgical
Crime – Politics – Police – Courte – Judge – Law

Service Indian – Foreign

Administrative Service - IASGovernment Service
All Kinds of ServicesJudiciary Service
Factories ServicePolice – IPS – All Kinds of – Police Service
Foreign Mission Service – IFSPrivate Houses Service
Foreign ServiceTax Department Service

Students – Scholars

All that is wanted by the Students, Scholars, etc

But the help of – 5 Good concentration

  • I.Q. – Increases
  • Memory Power – Increases
  • Minimum sickness during examination
  • No nervousness
  • Talent – Increases